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How to apply press on lashes

Press on lashes are the perfect option for those who are new to lash extensions or those who want a temporary lash for the day or a special occasion. 


1) Start with clean, dry and oil free natural lashes. The best time to apply your lashes is after washing your face, before applying any skincare.  
Alternatively, apply to lashes with 1 coat of mascara for day wear 
2) Using a lash applicator tool, tweezer or fingertips, lift the lash segment from the tray without touching the pre glued base. 
*Using the LashLife applicator tool makes application much easier 
3) Curl your natural lashes if you have straight or downward pointing lashes (do not curl lashes after applying mascara) 
4) Place the lash segment underneath your natural lash line, 1mm away from your water line.
5) Use your applicator tool or fingertips to press the lashes in place 
*Make sure your fingertips or applicator tool is clean for this step 
6) Repeat step 4 and 5 until you've achieved your desired look. 
*Slightly overlap the corners of each lash for a seamless finish