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Answers to all your questions...

What is LashLife?

LashLife is South Africa's first, Do-It-Yourself, at home lash extension system. This lash sytem is designed as an alternative to salon eyelash extensions. Apply LashLife custom made lash extension segments underneath your natural lashes, using our safe for sensitive eyes glue.

This gives you a professional lash extension look that’s quick, simple, affordable, non damaging and BEAUTIFUL

I don’t know where to start?

If you are new to LashLife, we suggest getting a starter kit. A starter kit gives you all the tools you need to do your own lash extensions. If you cannot get a starter kit, you can start with just a glue and lashes and apply your lashes using a regular tweezer.

A glue will last +/- 3 months and the applicator tool will last for years! Once you have a starter kit, you will only need to top up your lash extension segments when needed.

How do I know which lash style to choose?

The LashLife system is super customizable. The lash segments are available in a variety of styles and each style is available in a variety of lengths. All eyes are different shapes and sizes, therefore, lashes will not be the same fit for everyone.

Choose a style and length based on the look you are going for. Lash styles/ lengths can be mixed and matched for your own, custom lash look. 

How do I know which length to choose?

Different lengths of lashes fit eyes differently, depending on the size of your eye and the distance from your lid to brows.

A general rule of thumb is:

10mm- short

12mm- medium

14mm: medium long

16mm:  long

Is Lashlife waterproof?

Lashlife is water resistant. Your lashes can get wet but should not be fully submerged in water. Wait 24 hours after application before getting your lashes wet. Remember, hot water and steam can soften the glue. If they get wet, allow them to fully dry before sealing in place using your finger tips or applicator tool

How long will my lashes last for?

An application will give you 2-7 days of wear, sometimes longer, depending on your individual body chemistry as well as the way you apply and care for your lashes. You can also use Lashlife for 1 day use.

How do you remove Lashlife lashes?

It’s so easy to remove LashLife lashes! Use the LashLife Lash Melt remover  to remove your lash extensions in a flash.

If you do not have the Lash Melt remover, Use any oil based makeup remover or eye safe oil to remove your lashes (coconut  oil, castor oil, olive oil)

Do not use petroleum jelly.

Will Lashlife damage my natural lashes?

Absolutely not. The Lashlife system was created to protect the integrity of your natural lashes.

The LashLife glue does not contain Cynoacrylate, formaldehyde or latex. Therefore, the bond between the lash segment and your natural lashes will remain a soft and flexible texture. This allows the LashLife segments to move with your natural lashes. 

Our lash extension segments are virtually weightless, relieving your natural lashes from any weight and tension. 

Are the lashes reusable?

Lashlife Korean lash segments( in jars can be reused multiple times. Most use 1 set of lashes an averagre of 2-3 times.

Air lashes are not made for reuse.

  Use our Lash Laundry solution to clean and reuse your LashLife Korean lash segments

Can I wear Lashlife? I have sensitive eyes / use contact lenses

Absolutely. Unlike traditional lash extension glues, Lashlife adhesive is safe for sensitive eyes. Our glue is created without fumes, cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde and latex 

Is Lashlife cruelty-free?

Always! We do not believe in testing on animals, there is no need to. We use the finest synthetic, Korean silk to create our beautifully light lash extension segments that look and feel like, if not better, than professional lash extensions.