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How will this not damage my eyelashes!?

How will this not damage my eyelashes!?

Did your lash tech tell you that applying lashes this way is extremely dangerous and will rip your eyelashes off?? 

That would be true, if you were applying these lashes using the same adhesive that is used for salon lash extensions, but thank the lash Gods that we are not! 

You see, the main Ingredient in all professional lash extension glues is cynoacrylate. Cynoacrylate is the scientific  name for what is commonly known as super glue. In fact, cynoacrylate glue generally describes quick-bonding super glues.

A by-product of cynoacrylate is Formaldehyde. This is the chemical that causes the burning sensation and  inflamed eyes that some experience while getting salon lash extensions. The International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC)  classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen (cancer causing).

For this very reason, Lash techs are trained and experienced in the art of lash extensions. It is never safe to use professional lash glue at home. 

Lashlife adhesive/bond does not contain cynoacrylate and does not produce formaldehyde. It does not cure into a hard plastic like cynoacrylate based glues. Instead, it cures into a soft, flexible bond that is easily dissolved and removed with any type of eye safe oil. You can remove your LashLife lashes at any time, without the need for a special remover.

Beside our game changing glue, Lashlife lashes have a paper thin, flexible lash band. The thinnest lash bands on earth! The LashLife bands bend to the curve of your natural lashes when 'fused' together. These light weight lash segments do not weigh down your natural and they are super comfortable.

Lashlife lasts for 2-5 days at a time, some people wear their lashes for up tp 7 days. We don't recommend wearing them for longer than a week... beside, who can go more that a week without a good eye rub?

So... no. LashLife is not dangerous and it will not rip out your natural lashes.

Welcome to the lash revolution!




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